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Jochebed's Basket & Bereavement Services

I offer Christian Bereavement Support as a certified doula, to grieving families. When a mother first discovers she is losing her baby, I will lovingly guide her for what she can expect. I will develop a birth plan for her and have the resources she & her husband needs as well as a tailor made birth kit if birthing at home. I can be present for the birth and help gather & encourage memories for the family. At a later time, I will visit the family in their home and present the mother with a beautiful keeepsake birth certificate and basket abundantly loaded with meaningful gifts, each with a note of its purpose. I will keep in contact with her and her family and check in on them in the weeks, months & even years following the loss. I also try and help arrange family meals & donations.

The Story behind Jochebed's Basket

I suffered the loss of my 4th baby, my daughter Hope, born still at 7 months gestation on April 5, 2018.

During my pregnancy with Hope, I loved the name Jochebed, but never got the courage to actually name her Jochebed, because of others' disproval. When I found out she had passed, I decided I wanted to to name her Hope because of the Hope I had that I would hold her again.

But the name Jochebed still stayed with me.

I began to relate to the story of Jochebed in a new way.

 Jochebed was Moses's mother.

Moses was born during a time when Hebrew baby boys were being taken from their mothers and killed. Jochebed hid her baby Moses as long as she could, but when she could not hide him any longer, she lovingly & skillfully made a basket of bulrushes.

In her basket she placed her baby. 

I think of how she must have felt closing the lid over the basket, wondering if she may never hold her baby again, letting him go down the river. 

I thought of this as we buried my baby in her tiny casket. 

Even though Jochebed must have grieved , not knowing what would happen to her baby,

she trusted and had faith in God. 

Miriam, Moses' sister followed the baby by the rivers' bank. 

By God's providence, Moses would be found by Pharoah's daughter, for a greater purpose. 

Miriam was there ready to recommend her mother to nurse the baby for her. 

And in the same day, Jochebed was holding her baby again.

In this way, I believe we will hold our precious babies again in Heaven.

After my loss, 6 weeks later I shockingly found out at the hospital that I was pregnant again. 

I named my rainbow daughter, Leah Jochebed in remembrance of her sister. 
Holding my new baby, less than a year later, reminded me of God's goodness. 

I have a Hope in Heaven.
It's my prayer that you see you do too.

Jochebed's Basket Contents

.Basket items include: 100% cotton teddy bear, all natural beeswax tea light candles, lighter & beautiful mosaic candle holder. A 100% cotton rebozo (mexican birth shawl), teardrop suncatcher, lovely wind chime, essential oil massage roll-on, herbal bath bombs, a variety of teabags, manuka honey, organic chocolate hazelnut butter, restoring eye balm, chest rub, premium lozenges, keepsake bracelet,  detailed journal, ultra fine colored markers,  honey peppermint patties, honey sesame sticks & more.

a priceless value 

Jochebed's Basket & Bereavement services is always FREE to grieving mothers & families.. 

If  you know of a mother or family going through a loss please call or text right away or apply below:

Letting a grieving mother & family know you are thinking about them is very important.

It is more than just a comment on a facebook post.

If a mother  is refusing  support, I encourage you to still reach out. Even if it is leaving voicemails or sending letters.  Later, she will remember and know that you cared.

If a mother is seemingly not mourning, or wanting to dismiss her loss, it is still important to know she still needs support. Indifference or trying to forget too soon, can cause further trauma down the road. 

Everyone grieves differently, but some grieve in the wrong way, by not giving enough attention to the grieving process, and can end up with unfinished grief that accumulates through their life and manifests in ways such as PTSD.

Visit for more ways you can support a grieving mother & family.

Reach out to me, or other professionals, for more information. 

All information will remain confidential.

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