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Holistic Hospital Class

We target what other Natural Birth classes miss.


Our classes are focused on giving you the most practical & critically useful information for birth from a Christian standpoint. Popular 12 week long childbirth classes barely touch the surface of what hospital interventions WILL happen to you & your baby unless you say 'no'. Although they tout, "natural birth", their focus seems solely on avoiding epidurals and drugs, as if that is the only end-goal. There are many more interventions that disrupt natural physiological birth and pose a risk to you & your baby that they do NOT ask for your permission first. Birth should be empowering and women should enter motherhood with confidence knowing they made their own educated decisions and were not blindsided by routine protocols just to get rushed out the door. 

Aside from interventions, classes also cover practical knowledge for managing & coping through every stage of labor. Relaxation techniques, labor positions, & comfort measures are covered and how to utilize them.

You & your husband will come away feeling MORE prepared & confident.

Slideshow presentation, hands-on learning activities & binder of hand-outs

Holistic Homebirth Class

Whether you are still on the fence about homebirth or fully committed, the Holistic Homebirth Class dives deep into the spirituality of birth amidst today's birth culture trends and covers the practical ways to prepare for your birth, to give you peace of mind & confidence even if your midwife doesn't make it in time!

Holistic Hospital Birth Class

Being passionate about educating families on natural birth beyond just avoiding an epidural, the Holistic Hospital Birth Class equips parents to acheive the best experience in a hospital setting understanding routine interventions in comparison to physiological birth and how to manage & cope through all stages of labor. 

Holistic Husband Class

This is a great class if you want hands-on practice with your husband doing relaxation techniques, labor positions, and comfort measures. Go over role-play scenarios for how your husband will advocate for you in labor & your birth plan. He will gain confidence knowing practical ways to support you and not feel overwhelmed with too many techniques, just the ones that work best! 

Holistic Postpartum Class

What to expect for the postpartum period. Recovery, herbs & nutrition for balancing hormones & lactation, newborn care, sleep deprivation, breastfeeding & more. 

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