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Hello I just gave birth 03.20.2022 my 2nd full term birth it was another Supernatural delivery pain-free another phenomenal experience praise the Lord. My husband and I decided on a homebirth this time after praying to the Lord for His will we researched a midwife or doula to accommodate our needs as a family of faith to experience the birth God designed women to have I took a leap of faith on an NC homebirth FB Group posting for help in our area and this servant was the only one to respond to our Christian values in childbearing. We highly recommend any mother to book Rebecca of Bearing Precious Seed Birthkeeping. She's understanding, patient, caring, genuine, consistent, active listener, devoted to the needs of the family, personable, reliable, professional and thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of delivery. Rebecca answered all of our questions and would provide helpful research, informative videos and was open to how we want each phase of laboring to go especially a prior fast labor with our firstborn it was phenomenal she had an actual homebirth herself to comfort me and understand my peace of mind for minimal pregnancy checkups and ultrasounds at the doctor's. We were prepared for the birth with all necessary supplies recommended by Rebecca and the peace of God each phone conversation, text, email or meeting was reassurance we chose the right birthkeeper for this type of childbirth. I believe any first time mom can benefit from her educational background, hands on approach and blessed experience. Our delivery was smooth, super healthy, unmedicated home birth. Postpartum recovery is going well and I look forward to my 6 week checkup. Do yourself a favor ladies book Rebecca she's our answered prayer for our sweet babygirl.

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